Branding and Packaging
Waska was a vision realized by Father and son team Tip and Dylan Pillsbury over 10 years ago from their family farm in Mendocino County, California – the mecca of cannabis and the foundation of the cannabis industry as we know it. In memory of his father and their backyard brew, Dylan has taken their original formulation to the next level. Waska is now brewed at the first full-scale craft cannabis brewery in California, not far from the family farm in Mendocino County, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. Just like the natural springs of their forefathers, Waska is bottled at the source.

Green Emerald Cannabis wanted the overall vibe of this product to be a new take on classic – reminiscent of a 50s milkshake, classic americana nostalgia. Waska is to cannabis as Yoohoo is to chocolate drink. A just what you needed treat!… for adults.