For the U.S launch of the new Kinder Bueno candy bar, a traditional lame brand experience was built as a misdirection to guests. When they said the password “Sweeteasy” for their photo in front of a giant candy bar, the front of our massive bar would drop down revealing a 40 ft. slide that took guests to the actual experience – a journey through the new Kinder Bueno candy bar, one ingredient at a time. A sweet take on the traditional 1920’s speakeasy full of hidden multi-sensory rooms and surprises. ​ Each room was designed to introduce guests to the flavors and textures that make up Kinder Bueno: rich dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer, and creamy hazelnut filling. Each room had custom décor, scents, and sounds and contained hidden treasures such as secret vaults, hidden doors, and, of course, the whole installation promised perfectly Instagram-worthy moments but more importantly a new audience of now diehard fans to Kinder Bueno.

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