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Design and Fabrication
Wvvy was tasked with unveiling Ansys' revolutionary simulation software at CES in a way that would captivate and mesmerize. Creating a sleek, minimalistic vehicle crafted from high-density styrofoam, brought to life through the precision of CNC technology for its foundational structure.
Applying generative projection mapping. This cutting-edge technique transformed the vehicle into a canvas of dynamic possibilities, allowing us to showcase the extraordinary capabilities of Ansys simulation software.
From simulating motion and impacts to replicating weather scenarios, every facet of the software's prowess was vividly brought to life.
To elevate the experience even further, a carefully curated custom soundtrack harmonized with the unfolding spectacle. No technical jargon here-just a captivating narrative guided by a thoughtfully crafted voice-over.
This wasn't just a showcase; it was an immersive journey into the limitless potential of Ansys.